Where to Read About Photography in California?

The world is full of many people trying out photography. The sad reality is that there is not so much information on photography, especially in California. Photographers and those who want to hire them must do intensive research.

Some of the places to read and find information on photography in California, commercial images, and portrait photography are:

Blogs and Websites

With the Internet influencing almost every part of the world, you can get a lot of information by simply doing an online search. Several websites have unique content on photography.

There are also news sites where you can find reviews and updates on what is happening in the field of photography. Be as specific as possible with your search online. For instance, if you are looking for a photographer to take your portraits, you can include the word ‘portrait’ and your location in the search phrase.


California has many libraries, including the state and national libraries, among others. They are stocked with books about photography that you could borrow. There are also online libraries, including research studies from learning institutions, that you can check out if you want to learn more about photography in California.

Remember that even social media sites can be interesting resources to read if you follow people who have a passion and interest in photography. The more you read about it, the better you become at taking good photos and identifying them when you see them.

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