What Photographers Should Know About Commercial Images

One of the lucrative areas for photographers in California to venture into is doing commercial images. If you are thinking of trying out commercial images, you should first understand what they are.

Simply put, commercial images are photos that can be used in the marketing and promotion of goods and services. The images can be used in posters, printing, and websites. Some of the things every photographer and their client must know about commercial images are:

Legalities Involved

The state of California is very strict when it comes to laws on privacy. This means that photographers must have the consent of the people they are photographing. The people that appear on the photos must know beforehand if the pictures will be used for commercial purposes.

Where necessary, everyone who is appearing on the photos should sign a contract that allows them to be used for the commercial purpose the photos will serve.

Story-Telling Techniques

Photos should be able to tell a story. Even commercial images are supposed to communicate. If you look at some of the most iconic photos ever taken, you will realize that one thing stands out: human emotion. A commercial image should appeal to the potential buyer’s emotions and make them want to spend on the product or services.

Platform of Distribution

When taking commercial images, the photographer must understand where the photos will be used. This helps during post-production. For instance, photos for the website need the resolution to be reduced for the site to load heavily. It is different for print, where photos that have been reduced end up pixelating.

Taking commercial photos requires research and understanding of the target market. It is always safer to work with experienced professionals.

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