Magento E-Commerce

This Open Source E Commerce software is extremely sophisticated. I’ve recently taken it upon myself to learn this software so I can begin to offer a fully functional online storefront to my customers.

The features are so extensive I will not begin to try and list them here. The easiest way to learn about Magento is to visit their site.

What I see in the future is several Magento themes that I am developing as my learning process that will be available for download in a Magento store. I also plan on making myself available to develop your online storefront. Make sure to check back and get the latest update on my Magento status.


Web designer with Boletus EdulisI am a freelance website designer and developer located in Santa Cruz, CA. I live in the South County area on a 40 acre piece of property in the mountains. Rural living with a high speed connection suits me well.

I am a passionate photographer, nature lover, wild mushroom hunter, drummer, and love to learn and create. It is these passions that have led me to design and build web sites.

I currently use open source software for developing websites and have gravitated towards WordPress as a Content Management System and Magento E Commerce for developing online retail stores. Both of these programs can deliver almost any type of website that you desire. My reasons for choosing these are many but at the top of the list are ease of use for my clients and the ability for myself to rapidly develop a great site.

I want to personally thank you for your visit to my corner of the web and taking the time to look around. This site has been a journey of learning, creativity, frustration and joy and is in continuous development. I hope someday I can look back and see that I have made a place that has served others, contains useful information and possibly share a bit of what I have learned about the online world.

Be well.


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